Welcome to my Photography Website
Hello, and thanks for checking out my website. I'm basically just a guy who really
loves photography and cameras and when I have spare time I'm going to post stuff
here related to this interest. Although I already have quite a few cameras on this site,
I own many more and hope to add sections about them as time permits.

About the name "Aruku Camera"...
Aruku is the verb "to walk" in Japanese, so I
chose this name because I mostly enjoy just randomly walking around taking
handheld photos of wherever I may be.

Living in Kyoto, Japan, really inspired me both to photograph my environment and to
do it with "classic" cameras. A lot of the photos on these pages were taken around
my Kyoto neighborhood. I tend to photograph details of things more than the 'big
view', and I have a strong interest in close-up photography. Most of my shooting is
done with medium format cameras, but my Nikons get exercised doing
close-up/macro photography of insects, etc. Shooting around with MF folding
cameras is a favorite activity, as they're so easy to carry and yield a nice large
negative. The Graflex XL is also a favorite.

Despite my love of cameras and lenses, I mostly want to simply enjoy taking
photographs. I really don't want to be too focused on collecting, or to become too
much of a 'gearhead'.

Feel free to
email me with comments, corrections - anything within the bounds of
civilized behavior.
A few things about the Graflex XL
Folding Cameras
Random Graflex Info
Linhof 220
Linhof Technika Press 23
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Brooks-Plaubel Veriwide 100
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