Close-up Photography with the Graflex 2x3 Crown Graphic
The 2x3 Crown Graphic works well for shooting close-ups, and it is especially fun
if you have some different lenses to use. I somehow found a 2x3 Graphic lens
board that has a Nikon SLR mount attached to it, so I can use this to mount
enlarger lenses with a 39mm thread on the Crown Graphic, via a Nikon F to EL
adapter (pictured at right). Of course, there's no shutter with that set-up, but I find
that when shooting close-ups my exposures usually range from several seconds to
a couple of minutes, so the lack of a shutter is no real issue (a lens cap works fine).
The one thing I don't like about shooting close-ups with the Crown Graphic is the
need to remove the ground glass back and replace with it a roll holder to make the
exposure. If you are not careful, the camera can easily be moved during this
operation and even a slight shifting in the camera's position can ruin a carefully
composed close-up.
Apple Core - taken with 65mm f5.6 Mamiya-Sekor CU
Adapter lens board for using Nikon F-mount lenses on 2x3 Graphics. I don't
know who made this, but I'm glad they did.
Nikon F to EL adapter
75mm f4 Schneider Apo-Artar HM lens, mounted on 2x3 Crown
- This is an extremely sharp lens, but the out-of-focus areas can
look somewhat harsh, so you have to keep that in mind when using it.
65mm f5.6 Mamiya-Sekor CU - This is the only one of these lenses I've seen,
and I don't know much about it. Assuming that "CU" might stand for "close-up" I
gave it a try and found that it is a very sharp close-up optic. I have yet to expose
any film with it at "normal" focusing distances, but looking at the groundglass I can
see that while it covers 6x9cm there is fairly strong fall-off in the corners. If you
have any information on this lens, please drop me a line.
Artichoke - 65mm f5.6 Mamiya-Sekor CU
Sprouts - 75mm Schneider Apo-Artar HM
Grape - 75mm Schneider Apo-Artar HM
Fig - 65mm f5.6 Mamiya-Sekor CU
2x3 Crown Graphic
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