My first Fuji rangefinder was the folding GS645. I suppose this was a natural progression from the older folding cameras that I
love. The image quality obtained from the GS645 is impressive, but the build quality seems somewhat fragile and it is a bit
"fiddly" in operation. I'm not really happy with the feel of the shutter- and aperture- selection rings, for example, and you have to
always cock the shutter before closing the camera or some sort of damage will result. Of course, it has nice modern
conveniences like the a built-in meter, bright, parallax-correcting framelines in the finder, and a film advance lever with auto
frame stop.
  I had to get the bellows replaced (the factory bellows on these are quite shoddy) and at that time some other servicing was
done, which ended up doubling the money I paid for the GS645. So, if you're buying one of these, caveat emptor - they do have
some weak points and it will cost you to get them fixed. Considering that I have cameras several decades old with light-tight
bellows, the terrible quality of the bellows on this modern Fuji is especially disappointing.
  As is often said, this is a great travel camera. I took mine on a trip to Shanghai and was very pleased with it. Some of those
photos are on this page.
  The GS645s "Pro 60" is also a nice camera with a sharp lens. It doesn't have a bellows or a folding mechanism, which is
maybe a plus, but the lens mount is weak and thus there is a "crash bar" to help prevent the lens from getting dislodged if you
bump it. I haven't used the Pro 60 very much, but from my limited experience, the 60mm Fujinon lens seems just as nice as the
75mm on the GS645 folder. Of course, both these cameras have a vertical ("portrait") image orientation, which some people
don't like. I don't mind that at all, although when I use these cameras I probably do end up taking more vertically oriented photos
than usual.
Fuji Rangefinders
Fujica GS645
GS645S Pro 60
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