Both of these Fuji rangefinders are highly capable machines with great lenses. Sure, they are bulky, have no
built-in meter, non-interchangeable lenses, etc, but none of that bothers me at all. In fact, I would have nothing but
good things to say about these cameras were it not for the ridiculous, loud "ping" sound they make when you take
a photo. What was Fuji thinking? One of the best things about rangefinder cameras is that they are QUIET. Most
people who have an opinion on this seem to believe that the ping is somehow connected with the shot counter.
That may be true, but have any of you noticed that the earlier, interchangeable lens, Fuji 6x9 rangefinders, which
do not have a shot counter, also make the same loud "ping" sound? Anyway, for me that annoying sound makes
these cameras a lot less attractive. I like to work quietly when taking photos in my neighborhood, which tends to be
as silent as a tomb, or in other situations where I want to neither bother people nor draw attention to myself, which
is pretty much every situation. I have enjoyed these cameras for landscape photography, but that's something that
I seldom do. So, like their smaller 6x4.5cm brethren, I feel that these cameras are "almost great."
Fuji Rangefinders
Fuji GW690II & GSW690III
The shot counter - source of
the "PING"?
Just for the heck of it - a size comparison of the GSW690III and the Graflex
XLS with 58mm Grandagon and Koni-Omega viewfinder.
The nature photos on this page were taken at Acadia National Park,
Maine, USA, with the Fuji GSW690III and GW690II.
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