Fuji MF Rangefinder Cameras
Fuji GW690II and GSW690III
Fuji GS645s and GS645
Curiosity got the better of me and I ended up buying a bunch of used Fuji medium format rangefinders. These are nice
cameras and I'm pretty happy with them, although I still prefer to grab a vintage folder when I'm on my way out the door.
This is probably because the smaller 6x4.5cm Fuji cameras feel a bit fragile and the bigger 6x9 cameras are just too big to
easily carry around, as well as rather noisy. Out of the four cameras I own, the GW690II seems to have the sharpest, most
downright awesome lens, which is saying a lot in this group. You can click on a link below to explore these cameras a little
bit more.
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