I bought this Hasselblad 1000f outfit and a 501cm in the same month, but while I've barely used
the more modern Hassy the old 1000f has proven to be a really attractive camera. I especially like
the 80mm Ektar lens, which has a distinctive rendering of out-of-focus areas. Using it from f2.8 to
f4 is really fun. The 80mm Ektar's bokeh is not completely smooth, as people usually desire, but
instead has a bit of "buzz" to it. Rather than melting evenly, the out-of-focus areas get a very
painterly feel, almost like they've been built-up with brushstrokes.
Hasselblad 1000f
with 80mm and 135mm Kodak Ektar
and 135mm and 250mm Zeiss Sonnar
The images above and below, shot at or near f2.8, show the very painterly
quality of the 80mm Ektar wide open. What's in focus is still very sharp;
for example, the fuzz on the tiny flowers in the above image and the veins
on the leaves (below) are clearly delineated.
135mm (on camera) and 250mm Carl Zeiss Sonnar tele lenses
Hasselblad 1000f (left) and 501cm
They're both beautiful and compact cameras with sharp lenses but, at least for
now, I prefer the 1000f.
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