Parallax correction is achieved by sliding the viewfinder eyepiece to
the setting that matches the distance to which the lens is focused
(which is displayed by the distance scale to the right of the viewfinder
in the photo above).
This might be the most beautiful camera gear I own. The build quality of the Technika Press camera system is really
impressive. The optical quality is also first rate, and I'm very tempted to call the 53mm Biogon "the best lens I've ever used." I
do have to say, however, that the 100mm Planar and 180mm Sonnar do not seem to perform any better than their non-Linhof
branded counterparts in my Graflex XL system. This is not a complaint; it's just that the Graflex lenses are equally great. Aside
from the Zeiss glass, a Linhof catalog I have shows a 270mm Rodenstock Rotelar telephoto for the Technika Press and I've
seen examples of the 95mm f2.8 Rodenstock Heligon in the Technika Press mount. Although intended to be a "hand camera,"
all the beautifully machined metal and Panzer-tank ruggedness make it quite a heavy piece of kit. I read someone on an
internet photography forum saying that he wanted a Technika Press outfit to use as a "travel camera." Well, I hope he has a
reliable source for anabolic steroids.
The 53mm Biogon: AWESOME, AWESOME,
The serial number on the lenses' rangefinder cams match that on
the camera body.
Pulling out the red-marked knob inside the lens helical mount allows
the lens to be focused past infinity (i.e. brought closer to the camera
body), so that infinity focus can be achieved when the rear bellows
are in use.
To remove the lens/helical assembly you push in the button
indicated by the purple arrow and then push up on the bar
indicated by the blue arrow. Pushing down on this bar locks the
helical assembly to the camera.
The viewfinder eyepiece is extendable (see also photo to right).
The Technika Press features the familiar Linhof rear bellows, which
allow some view camera style movements and also close focusing.
Linhof Technika Press 23
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