The first folding camera that really impressed me was
the Voigtlander Perkeo II. The Color-Skopar lens is
wonderful; it seems to render images with a little
more 3-dimensionality than other Tessar-type lenses
I've used. Although the photos on this page are all
B&W, I also find the Skopar renders very rich and
lively colors. The Perkeo's tiny size makes the
quality of the photos it takes even more impressive.
This must be the smallest 6x6 folder ever made. And,
no offense, but the build quality of the Perkeo blows
away the Agfa Isolette. It's a much more beautiful

I don't use mine so often anymore as my collection of
folders has grown, but they are still my first choice
when I want to take along a truly pocketable camera.
Being so compact and having auto stop film winding
also make it an ideal camera to use when you want to
shoot discreetly and light levels are low (have you
ever tried using a camera with 'red window' film
advance in a dark place?). So whenever I'm creeping
around downtown at night, or going to a concert or
other event where photography is forbidden, I'll carry
a Perkeo II.

All photos on this page were shot with a Perkeo II on
Ilford Delta 3200.
Voigtlander Perkeo II
Color-Skopar 80mm f3.5
Nishikikoji-dori, Kyoto
Aquarium, Amami Oshima
Jeff Tweedy/Wilco, Kobe
Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam, Nagoya
Mike McCready/Pearl Jam, Nagoya
Train station, forgotten town
The Classic Camera's Perkeo page
Shirouto no Kamera Shumi (Amateur's Camera Hobby)
(In Japanese)
Folding Cameras
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