Rolleiflex 2.8E
80mm f2.8 Schneider-Kreuznach Xenotar
I mean, texture's OK, but I'm a content man -
content and composition, for pete's sake. But I'm
compelled to photograph all this crap because of the
darn 'texture'. It's driving me nuts...
And then, in an act of total futility, I make an ass out of
myself putting teensy-weensy little scans of these "wow,
man, textural" photos on this horrible web page even
though you can't even begin to see the TEXTURE! I must
look like such a big dope.
I hope my mother, my favorite painting professor from
college, my high school guidance counselor, or any cute
girls never see this page - because it's a colossal
And the worst part of it is that this is one of those cameras
that makes you take photos of things just because they're
'textural' or 'weathered' or other artsy-fartsy reasons. The
lens just renders too much bloody detail. It's downright
diabolical the way this thing works on your brain, especially
here in Kyoto where almost everything has about a hundred
years of patina on it.
Please don't tell anybody you saw this page. If you come
to Kyoto I'll take you out for sushi, I'll buy you beers all
night long - just please don't tell anybody about this page!
I know, I know, I am inordinately fond of this camera. I
carry it with me way too much. Even though I can't do
close-ups with it, and it only has one, fixed, 'normal' lens
and that unchangeable, relentless, boring square format. I
gotta face it, I have other cameras that are way more
versatile. And it probably looks like I'm carrying some
sort of weird, antique family heirloom around my neck.
What must girls think when they see me with this? I
might look like some religious fanatic carrying around my
neck an ornate reliquary containing the moldy molar of
some ancient saint. Gee, what a cool dude...
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