SEM Studio
French Telephoto TLR
Viewing lens: SOM BERTHIOT 150mm f3.9
Taking lens:  SOM BERTHIOT 150mm f5.4
The SEM Studio is quite compact, as can be seen in
this photo of the SEM with a Rolleiflex T.
The SEM is much smaller than a Mamiya C330
with a 135mm lens.
It's hard to believe both these cameras use 120
film - and the SEM has a longer tele lens!
I really like this camera. The SOM Berthiot lens is very sharp and makes a pleasing image. The lens does not appear to
be coated, and the camera itself is very basic. Still, I'd like to see an instruction manual for it - please contact me if you
have one. The shutter speed adjustment is around the viewing lens and the aperture adjustment is around the taking
lens. The lever under the taking lens both cocks and trips the shutter. All the shutter speeds (B, 1 - 1/400 sec.) on my
old SEM work very well. There is the usual pop-up magnifier in the viewing hood, as well as a sports finder. The reflex
viewing system on my camera, however, has quite a bit of dust in it and is pretty dim. A cleaning would certainly help,
but it does not have a fresnel and will probably never have a very bright view. Still, the camera is fun to use and you
can get nice sharp images from this very compact tele TLR.
There are some sample photos from my first outing with the SEM
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