Demaria - Lapierre TELKA III
Sagittar 95mm f3.5
I really like this French folder. Although in some ways
it's perhaps a little too "pretty" (lots of chrome), it
does have a fine lens and good overall build quality.
Among its endearing features is an easy-to-adjust
coupled rangefinder. Turning a screw near the lens
mount is all that's required to accurately tune the
rangefinder (of course, you need to put a piece of
groundglass in the film plane, etc). The Sagittar lens is
a really fine Tessar type, and the unit focusing design
(the whole lens moves to focus, rather than just the
front element) is a great feature. At 95mm it's a little
wider than most 6x9 folding camera lenses, which is a
nice change sometimes. The Telka is also somewhat
smaller than a lot of 6x9 folders, especially those with
coupled rangefinders. And I think the body covering is
genuine leather! Those swanky French bastards...
Folding Cameras
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