Welta Weltur
10.5cm f4.5 Carl Zeiss Tessar
The focusing knob and distance scale
on the folding bed are straightforward
and easy to use.
There is an easy to read depth-of-field
scale on the top plate.
Although this is the oldest folder I own, I find it
compares well with later cameras that have a more
modern design and feature coated lenses. I've read a lot
of stuff on the internet where people say that you
"need" a coated lens to shoot color film, but this
camera disproves that argument. I'm beginning to really
like uncoated lenses; they do have a mellower look, but
I find that pleasing, especially when it's a sharp optic,
like the Tessar lens on this Weltur.
The Weltur also came in 6x4.5 and 6x6cm
format versions, all with coupled rangefinder
and "unit focusing" lens (i.e. the whole lens
moves to focus, not just the front element).
Given my experience with this 6x9 version, I
wouldn't hesitate to buy one of its smaller
format sisters.
Folding Cameras
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