Yashica Mat-124G
80mm f3.5 Yashinon
Kaiten Sushi
Smoking woman, Shinkyogoku, Kyoto
Rusty drum, Tankiri Street, Kyoto
"Wonder Goods and Clothes", Shinkyogoku, Kyoto
Wagashi shop, Kawaramachi, Kyoto
I really like this camera and I have to give it credit
for rekindling my interest in TLRs. That being said,
now that I have my Rolleiflex I never use it (well, a
couple of times to use up some 220 film I had in the
'fridge). It's not even that the Rolleiflex takes better
photos, the Rollei is only really better when shooting
at wide apertures. Stopped down a bit the lens on
the Yashica is fantastic. The Rollei just somehow
'feels' better...

I did have a memorable experience right after I
bought the 124G. I was walking around my  
neighborhood looking for photos, when I noticed
that I was being intensely scrutinized by an elderly
Japanese man approaching me on a bicycle. I
wondered what was going on, and then as he passed
me he said in heavily accented English, "Nice
Lights in the Box
MF megasite Yashica 124 page
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