- One of the bigger
photo sites out there - Great site for
Graflex info, and a nice bunch
of folks hang around the Help
Large Format
Photography.Info - Like the
name says...
The Medium Format
Photography Megasite - Lots
of links, some don't work...
Christopher's Odds and Sods
- Chris Perez's web site with the
well known lens testing pages.
There are lots of good photo related sites on the web. These are just a few that I
happen to like.  Let me know if you have any recommendations.
The Classic Camera - Japanese
site with sometimes shaky
English (translation software?),
but this guy's got a bunch of
cool cameras!
Guide to Classic Cameras -
English section of fine Japanese
Classic Cameras - Big site by a
guy with a ton of cameras
... and when you're finished surfing the 'net you might even
have time to take some photos.
Rangefinder Forum - Good site for the RF shooters out
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